Industrial Mechanic

Maintenance of installations is a crucial aspect for ensuring operational continuity and guaranteeing the productivity of operational sites. It is essential to ensure the reliability of equipment and their lifespan to minimize incidents and the risk of operational loss.

Whether preventive or corrective, maintenance must be carried out regularly and rigorously. Therefore, it is essential to rely on trusted partners. That’s why our teams of experienced technicians are confirmed mechanics who are passionate about our profession, which we consider an art.

Whether on operational sites or within our workshops, you can entrust us with the assembly of new equipment, diagnosis, repair, and maintenance of your production machinery, specializing in rotating machinery. We mainly work on engines, alternators, pumps, compressors, turbines, and reducers.

From small bearing pumps to main shaft lines with plain bearings, we can adapt to all types of needs and environments. We already intervene in energy production sites, industrial plants, rolling mills, cement plants, paper mills, as well as in the workshops of some of our major clients.


Intellectual Services

As part of a comprehensive support framework and in line with our mechanical activities, we propose to accompany our clients on intellectual matters. Staying within our area of expertise, which is operational, whether it’s around machinery or installations, we are capable of supporting our clients across the entire spectrum of needs:


  • Preparation and planning of operations, feasibility studies
  • Handling plans
  • Document preparation


  • Activity management
  • Supervision
  • Logistics


  • Installation transfer
  • Resolution of potential reserves
  • Commissioning of installations

We have already worked on major projects and have technical expertise that allows us to adapt to various sectors such as nuclear, naval, and industrial industries.

Prestation Mecadam Assistance - Prestation Intellectuelle

Technical Assistance

Technical assistance is a flexible and easily manageable mode of intervention for the client, allowing them to integrate skills and services within their organization. For major clients, it enables them to maintain control over their processes and organization while incorporating subcontractors.

This solution is often tailored to large projects, whether new or renovated. We frequently provide technical assistance on behalf of major groups, particularly in the naval and industrial sectors.

Our expertise remains highly operational. We support our clients on projects involving the construction and/or modification of operational sites or ships. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Planning
  • Site organization/management
  • Supervision
  • Commissioning
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