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iso 9001 2005
Certification EDF UTO

Mecadam Assistance is a young and dynamic service provider company that leverages its experience and expertise to deliver technical and intellectual services to its clients.

Mecadam Assistance supports its clients in large-scale projects by providing the necessary human resources for interventions. Because our profession is a passion and the satisfaction of our clients remains our main motivation, Mecadam Assistance adapts its rigor to meet the QEHS requirements of various operating sites.

It is within the framework of this quality approach that we have implemented ISO 9001 and ISO 19443 certifications within our system.

About Us ?

Mecadam Assistance

Mecadam Assistance was born in March 2019 as initially a one-person company taking its first steps in the nuclear industry, thanks to a technical assistance service for commissioning on the DUS 1300MW reactors for the giant Westinghouse.
Building on this experience and following the commitment shown on the project, it was in 2021, amidst a challenging health and economic context, that the American diesel engine manufacturer, Fairbanks Morse Engine, appointed us to take over as their after-sales service provider for all French 1300MW reactor parks.
During the engine warranty period, to address warranty-related issues and unexpected events, ranging from minor repair interventions to major national modifications, our team of technicians covers all aspects and adapts to specific technicalities and processes while ensuring compliance with nuclear site requirements.

Une camionnette blanche et noire garée devant un bâtiment d'assistance technique à la mécanique industrielle.
Une vue aérienne d'une grande usine présentant la gamme impressionnante de machines utilisées pour les processus mécaniques industriels.

This service requires the full range of our skills, from activity preparation to equipment requalification, and activity management. We were challenged to the point of becoming the sole and exclusive relay for the brand in France. Building on this experience, we continue to develop our activities with major clients, whether in energy, industry , or naval sectors.
Today, our client base consists of more than fifteen major clients, maintenance providers, and rotating machinery manufacturers.

We operate regionally, ideally located between Nantes and Saint-Nazaire, both within France and internationally.
Today, while Mecadam Assistance remains a small and medium-sized enterprise that stands on its own, and is one of the few companies carving out a place among the giants of the industrial and energy world, it is solely due to our experience, expertise, and adaptability.
It is the values of excellence, passion, rigor, quality, and customer satisfaction that shape our identity.
It is human values that enable us to succeed.

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Our Business Sectors

Our Services

Une turbine industrielle dans une usine, avec assistance technique de Mecadam Assistance.

Mecadam assistance brings its know-how and experience in industrial mechanical matters. We work on new assembly projects, preventive and curative maintenance, expertise or the installation and commissioning of your industrial equipment.

• Alternators
• Asynchronous motors
• Turbines
• Diesels
• Pumps, Compressors
• Reducers

Prestation Mecadam Assistance - Prestation Intellectuelle

Mechanical engineering, organization, preparation, planning and supervision of technical shutdowns or new installations, Mecadam assistance supports its customers by offering intellectual services.

• Design office
• Advice
• Technical supervision
• Technical study
• Methodology
• Logistics

Deux personnes, expertes en mécanique industrielle de Mecadam Assistance, apportent assistance technique et expertise en montrant un plan de projet sur un écran d'ordinateur.

Integrating the teams of its clients, Mecadam assistance brings its experience, skills and expertise and participates in the implementation of large-scale projects. We support our clients throughout their projects in order to carry them out while respecting the quality structures and the imposed processes.

• Team leader
• Supervisor
• Test Manager
• QHSE Leader
• Technical Supervisor
• Account Manager
• Consignment Officer