The nuclear logistician is responsible for the logistical preparation of construction sites at sites such as nuclear power plants, reprocessing plants and installations specializing in electricity production. He intervenes before the other maintenance trades to set up the equipment and the site where they must work. At the end of the work, he closes the site and puts the installations back into service.

The main missions of a nuclear logistician include:
• Plan and organize the logistics of nuclear projects
• Manage the flow of materials, equipment and personnel
• Ensure compliance with nuclear safety standards
• Coordinate with suppliers and subcontractors
• Evaluate resource and equipment needs
• Monitor the progress of logistics operations


Required skills and knowledge

• Knowledge of nuclear and safety regulations
• Skills in project management and logistics organization
• Ability to quickly resolve problems and unforeseen events
• Communication and team coordination skills
• Mastery of IT tools for logistics management


Prospects for development in the nuclear sector

• Nuclear logistics manager
• Nuclear project coordinator