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Let me introduce myself, Damien PULVER, manager and founder of the company Mecadam assistance.
After five years of apprenticeship in the world of automobile mechanics, it was at the age of 21 that I accidentally discovered the world of industrial maintenance, and in particular that of rotating machinery and, under the tutelage of the best mechanics, I evolves in an environment that fascinates me more and more. I first prove myself on small rotating machines and discover on-site interventions and life on the move.
From twists and turns to opportunities, I work for the biggest manufacturers of rotating machines and I complete my career by diversifying into different types of machines, from alternators to turbines, including compressors, reducers and diesel engines. I was then very lucky to be able to progress to the positions of technician, team leader and then site manager in the various fields of energy, naval and industry. In France and abroad, I am consolidating my skills in management.

Rigor, organization and a taste for challenges led me in 2019 to create the company mecadam assistance, for which I worked as an independent consultant for two years on new assembly and commissioning projects.
In 2021, in a difficult health and economic context, we are taking a first step, thanks to an assistance contract for a major manufacturer of diesel engines. Our client, an American, commissioned us to relay its After-Sales Service in France and entrusted us with the maintenance of its fleet of generators installed in the various nuclear power plants. Our team of technicians adapts to specific techniques and processes while respecting the requirements of nuclear sites.


Today, if Mecadam assistance, a small business that assumes responsibility, is one of the few companies to find a place among the giants of the industrial and energy world, it is only thanks to our experience, our know-how and our ability to adapt as we evolve in this environment that fascinates us. These are the values of requirement, passion, rigor, quality and customer satisfaction that shape our identity. It is human values that allow us to get there.





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He expresses himself in the perfect understanding of the needs and expectations of his customers.


Integrity is an unwavering value of macadam. It guides the way we work and support our clients.